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Bay Bahurupi presents
Shah Jahan
A play by D.L. Roy in bengali

The year was 1658. Frail, Old ShahJahan was convalescing from his serious illness and his sons were ready in arms to capture the throne. Only Jahanara, his only devoted daughter, is looking after him, fearless in her sense of right and wrong. Aurangzeb is scheming to eliminate the contenders to the throne, his own brothers - Dara, Suja and Morad, in order to be the sole successor. His aspiration was to reign the empire and build a pure Islamic India. The Rajput kings were snared into Aurangzeb's trap as mere pawns as their familiar world was slipping. India was seeing one of its bloodiest politics in its history.
15 characters in 5 acts were breaking and weaving the fabric of Indian history and the fate of India.
A gray world absurdity was taking shape between stark reality and perceived imagination.
Quintessentially Theatrical, in its truest sense.

And Now, Shahjahan is HERE with all its intense elements of conspiracy, murder and vengeance....with valor, compassion, helplessness and the voice of conscience ....with romance, humor and the eternal humane essence.

For the first time in Bay area, Bay Bahurupi presents this magnificent classic in a grand presentation with spectacular sets, lights and music to re-create the history. A monumental production that tries to capture one of the most critical time of Indian political mosaic through the abstract mirror. An heroic attempt to portray this timeless wonder- SHAH JAHAN

On August 26th, 2006
At Cubberley Auditorium, Palo Alto
2 Consecutive shows at 3 PM and 7 PM

For Tickets Buy Online here
or Call - Subhankar (650-793-1189)/Anindya (408-887-1702) or
Email Ticketmaster

Please also see our Flyer here for more ticketing options and other details

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